kWh Meter 1-fase Eastron SDM120D MID

kWh Meter 1-fase Eastron SDM120D MID

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kWh Meter 1-fase
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kWh Meter 1-fase Eastron SDM120D MID

Digitale kWh Meter 1-fase

Type: SDM120D MID

MID gekeurd (=toegelaten voor verrekening belastingdienst etc).

Breedte: 1 DIN
Inclusief Pulsuitgang (1000 imp/kWh)

Let op: dit artikel kan niet uitgeprobeerd en geretourneerd worden, vanwege de tellerstand welke niet gereset kan worden.

Performance Criteria
Operating humidity <_75%
Storage humidity <_95%
Operating temperature -20oC - +50oC
Storage temperature -30oC - +70oC
International standard IEC 62053-21
Accuracy class 1
Degree of Protection IP51
Protective class II

Nominal voltage(Un) 230V
Operational voltage 161/279V
Insulation capabilities
- AC voltage withstand 4KV for 1 minute
- Impulse voltage withstand 6KV-1.2μS
Basic current (Ib) 5A
Max. rated current (Imax) 45A
Operational current range 0.4% Ib-Imax
Over current withstand 20Imax for 0.01s
Operational frequency range 50-60Hz
Internal power consumption <_ 2W/10VA/phase
Pulse Output 1000imp / kWh

Basic Errors with Balanced Loads
0.05Ib Cosf = 1 + 1.5%
0.1Ib Cosf = 0.5L + 1.5%
Cosf = 0.8C + 1.5%
0.1Ib - Imax Cosf = 1 + 1.0%
0.2Ib - Imax Cosf = 0.5L + 1.0%
Cosf = 0.8C + 1.0%
With Single phase Load
0.1Ib - Imax Cosf = 1 + 2.0%
0.2Ib - Imax Cosf = 5.05L + 2.0%

Consumption Indication:
There is an LED on the front panel, which flashes during consumption.
The more quickly LED flashes, the greater the consumption.
The constant of the LED is 1000imp/kWh.

Reading the Meter:
The SDM120A energy meter is equipped with a 5+1 register. Five
integers are marked in black and one in red.

Pulse Output:
SDM120 series DIN rail energy meter is equipped with a pulse output
which is fully separated from the inside circuit. That generates pulses
in proportion to the measured energy. They are test pulse output (pins 6 & 7).
Usually, the test pulse output is used as testing accuracy or reading purpose
in close quarters.
The test pulse output is a polarity dependant, passive transistor output
requiring an external voltage source for correct operation. For this
external voltage source, the voltage (Ui) should be 5-27V DC, and the
maximum input current (Imax) should be 27mA DC. To connect the
impulse output, connect 5-27V DC to connector 7 (anode), and the
signal wire (s) to connector 6 (cathode). The meter pulse is indicated
on the front panel.

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Maximale Stroomsterkte
Fasen 1 fase
Kabel Lengte
Kabel Kleur
Plug Laadpuntzijde
Plug Voertuigzijde
Plug Kleur
Fabrikant Eastron
Garantie 2 jaar
Gewicht (kg) 0.09
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